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A primary strength of our company is our Research & Development team — in place to serve you directly.  

We offer you access to a combination of skilled product development experts, a research team whose main purpose is to create the next product innovation sensation all in a test kitchen with the necessary equipment to effectively evaluate the operational execution of the new product in real time!

Developers > 12 dedicated product specialists are on staff to work for you — ranging from Master Bakers with over 40 years of bakery experience to Pastry Chefs with Cordon Bleu certification.

Research > We believe creating a trend is smarter than following a trend.  With experienced leaders on staff from every channel in the industry, our market access around the world and with a library of industry sales & demographic data we stay ahead of the trends and work to create them….

Equipment > We have all the latest equipment (ovens, holding cabinets, etc.) used in the Food Service, Retail & Convenience channels. This allows us to test your products from a production perspective during development. We are able to ensure manufacturing efficiency & consistency while also evaluating product from a finished execution perspective, duplicating the operating conditions within your facilities.

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