Puff Pastries

PuffPastriesOverviewDelicate layers of pure buttery flaky heaven…

Craftsmanship > We use from 72 to 144 delicate layers of laminated dough to make up our light flaky pastry.

Development > Every baker knows time equals taste – our Puff Pastry dough is developed over 14 hours.

No guilt > All our pastries are trans fat free.

Customized > Custom products, all butter or custom margarine blends, with custom fillings from our dedicated filling plant.

Personalization > We understand your business has specific needs….we will craft pastries exclusive to YOU!

Formats > Choose from Freezer to Oven or Fully Baked individually wrapped Puff Pastry products.

Shapes > A variety of formats from dough sheets for the “do it yourselfers”, to fully finished Bites, Turnovers, Braids, Crowns and Strudels ready directly from freezer to oven or fully baked.

Sizes > o.8 oz to 17 oz.

Fillings > Access to a dedicated filling plant plant allows us to create custom fillings from Guava to Strawberry Cream Cheese and everything in between!

Kosher > All our Puff Pastries and fillings are Kosher.

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1-800-701-8069 1-416-661-7744 55 Canarctic Drive Toronto Canada M3J 2N7 info@uppercrust.com

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