CroissantsOverviewOur passion is crafted into our Croissants for discerning connoisseurs like you…draw in your customers with the irresistible taste of authentically made Croissants

Craftsmanship > We use only the finest butter and margarines from around the world – in fact our butter & margarines are custom made and kept at a secret temperature that delivers the superior croissants we offer.

Taste & Texture > Choose from 24 to 72 delicate layers of the finest Croissant dough available in North America

Butter, blended or margarine > All butter, butter/margarine blends, and full margarine available.

Massive capacity > With our alliance partner we represent North America’s largest Croissant manufacturer. Capability to meet enormous volume. Access to two large manufacturing plants deliver peace of mind and contingency to the largest customers.

Exacting standards > Our manufacturing process delivers the relaxation and layers the best croissants require.

Innovation > We introduced and refined Freezer to Oven (FTO) Croissants in the North American marketplace.

Consistency > Fully baked & sliced for the ultimate consistency every time.

Perfection without the skill > Freezer to Oven format for delicious, authentic croissants without the need for skilled labour.

Authenticity > Proof & Bake and Retarder to Oven formats available deliver the ultimate authentic croissant.

Shapes & sizes > Pinched, straight, square, sizes from 0.75 oz to 3.5 oz — whatever your require.

Flavors > Try our decadent Almond or Chocolate Croissants made with authentic Belgium Callebaut chocolate! Guilt free > All our croissants are trans fat free.

Kosher > All our croissants are Kosher certified.

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1-800-701-8069 1-416-661-7744 55 Canarctic Drive Toronto Canada M3J 2N7

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