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ArtisanBreadRollsOur belief is Artisan Bread should be accessible to Everyone and enjoyed Everyday. Presenting the new modern standard in Artisan Bread

Our belief is Artisan Bread should be accessible to Everyone and enjoyed Everyday. Presenting the new modern standard in Artisan Bread

Craftsmanship > All our Artisan Breads and Rolls are produced using natural starters and sours. Our doughs are prepared in small batches and developed for over 16 hours, delivering superior taste and texture.

Robust, yet tender > Our exclusive manufacturing processes create a fully developed crust while locking in the maximum amount of moisture delivering a texture that tolerates the abuses of everyday handling and environmental factors.

Capability and Contingency > Access to two manufacturing facilities allow us to deliver any size volume requirement while providing the security your large business requires

Recipes > Only the finest, carefully selected ingredients are used in every batch.

Formats > Your choice of pre-proofed, par-baked or fully baked.

Custom products > If you can dream up a shape or flavour we can make it — the answer is YES!

Case preference > Frozen delivery options in case packs made for your business.

Consistency & Peace of Mind > We’ll deliver the consistency you require to build your business, combined with the peace of mind only a fully audited manufacturing facility can provide.

Innovation beyond the bread > With the addition of our exclusive and proprietary “stay fresh” retail packaging, consumers now have Artisan bread they can enjoy for more than one day!

Flavor variety > Enhance your sandwich menu with our full range of flavor options from sweet, savory, and cheese infused options.

All shapes & sizes > All sandwich carrier shapes and sizes available including torpedo, round, square, rectangle, triangle, submarine, and stick.

Healthy > Whole Grain and Salt Reduced options are also available.

Kosher > All our breads and rolls are Kosher certified.


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